Do-It-Yourself Webcasts for Corporate/Enterprise


Communication is a paramount concern for corporations. Reaching out to dealers, franchises, employees, partners, investors, press and, of course, customers is key to the success of an enterprise. The TalkPoint webcast platform is an efficient and effective tool to increase the frequency and quality of your communications. Press events, franchise communication, company meetings, product launches and promotional events can all be delivered via TalkPoint webcasts. 

Easy to set up, manage, and edit, TalkPoint do-it-yourself webcasts allow your corporation to reach the largest number of viewers and benefit from the most sophisticated features for producers, speakers and audiences. The result is an increase in the frequency and quality of the outreach to customers and constituents, fostering brand loyalty and sales.


Webcasting Uses for Corporate / Enterprise:

  • Press events franchise
  • Communications reseller
  • Training company meetings
  • Product launches
  • Promotional events
  • Internal training

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