Webcasting Uses for Financial Services

Financial Services

When your business is founded on building a relationship of trust with your clients, internal and external communications are paramount. Financial services firms like commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies, brokerages and credit card firms rely on the TalkPoint webcast platform to improve collaboration between their worldwide in-house teams and to create stronger connections with their customers.

Many of the world’s largest financial institutions have incorporated TalkPoint video and audio webcasts into their daily workflow. Meetings between groups of experts can be broadcast to global teams so they can benefit from their insight, and teams throughout the enterprise can efficiently and easily obtain their continued professional education (CPE) credits from live and archived webcasts. With TalkPoint's webcasts, a CEO can communicate live with the entire organization regardless of what device they are on.

TalkPoint's webcasts allow you to reach out to your customers and prospects to generate trust and good will, lets your experts keep them updated on trends and regulatory changes and invites the audience to interact with your company by providing feedback and opinions during webcasts on topics of their interest.


Webcasting Uses for Financial Services:


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