The Merits of Simulated Live Events

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Your webcasting software should provide different event types for you to select, and one of them may be “simulated live.” A simulated live (or “sim-live”) event is pre-recorded content that’s broadcast at a selected date and time, appearing to viewers as if the content is live.

Sim-live broadcasts automatically start on the scheduled date and time. Administrators do not need to log in or be present to start the webcast or webinar. Attendees join via a web browser, with no software download required.

Sim-live is also available for creating on-demand events that can be watched at any time.

You can even include interactive features such as polls, surveys, and customized Q&A, which will automatically launch during your sim-live event. Attendee features such as calendar reminders are also available.

Q&A during a sim-live event can be handled a few ways, depending on your webcasting platform. Some platforms rely on emailing the questions posed by sim-live participants to the webcast organizers, who should follow up with timely responses. Other platforms provide a direct link that enables webcast organizers and guest presenters to access and manage the Q&A during a sim-live broadcast.

You can also see who’s watching your sim-live event. You should be able to access the audience list currently viewing the presentation.

When to Use Sim-Live?

Sim-live eliminates scheduling headaches. It is a great option when you have attendees or employees who span multiple time zones or who are traveling or otherwise unavailable, and no single time works for everyone. You can schedule your sim-live event to play at different times to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Sim-live also takes the stress out of presenting live. You can record your event until you get it just right, without the jitters of speaking in front of a live audience.

Is sim-live right for your next webcast? It is, if you’re looking for the convenience of a pre-recorded, automated event that delivers the viewer experience of a live session.


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