Three Video and Screen Strategies That Liven Up Any Webcast

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When you deliver webcasts, you want to deliver a quality event that gives your audience the information that they need. But why not take it a step further? If you want to give your webcasts a little oomph, you can revitalize them by following three video and screen strategies.

#1: Integrate your webcast with a streaming service

Whether your webcast event is aimed for a more intimate or widespread audience, you need to deliver high quality, uninterrupted video to your attendees. Like most businesses, your network may be ill-equipped to handle your live or on-demand webcast events.

If your network doesn’t have the bandwidth to support your webcasts, it can make for an embarrassing or frustrating interruption for your audience. It may even turn them off completely from interacting with your company.

The most efficient and sure-fire way to avoid network issues with your webcast is simple. Make sure you partner with a webcasting platform provider that integrates a software-based video delivery solution. Not only does this type of integration offer a streaming benefit, it can save you money in the long run. Software-based streaming is a cheaper, less complex option than investing in your own hardware-based environment.

#2: Add video overlays to your presentation

A unique way for you to grab your audience’s attention is for you to insert a pre-recorded video into your webcast. This simple technique is easy to add in and it will give your presentation a little pizazz.

Give your audience a personalized feel by adding in a video that acts as a welcome message from your CEO. You can also toot your own horn – share out a moment where your business won an award or a shining testimonial from one of your top clients. If you capture the right content, you can save time in the future by reusing the video overlays for future webinars.

#3: Be more interactive and put the proof in the pudding with screen sharing

The more interactive you can be with your audience, the easier it is for you to keep them engaged with your content. Keeping your audience engaged goes hand and hand with getting your message across. Get your audience more involved by sharing your screen during the webcast.

For current and potential clients, seeing is believing. For example, if you are a software company, you can share your screen to demo your actual product. Do you offer web-based technical support? If so, visit your support site and share your screen to show your viewers the benefits of your online support. Screensharing automatically drives the validity of your content because your attendees can see the benefits right before their eyes.

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