Treat Your Webcast Player Like a Premium Billboard

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Your webcast player is a billboard that will be in front of viewers for the duration of your webcast. Here are some ways to use this premium space to its full advantage.

Branding and Links

Brand your webcast player to promote continuity of the user experience with your registration page and website. Include your company logo and color scheme as well as imagery and icons that reflect your corporate identity.

Typically, a webcasting platform allows you to select from images included with the software or choose from your own library of corporate assets to use for the background. Editing functions make it easy to crop and resize logos and images for optimum resolution on the player.

Personalize your player further with the webcast tagline, agenda, short speaker bios, and links to handouts, related documents, chat, and help (technical support).

Social Media

Allow attendees to connect and share your webcast content on social networks by including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn buttons on your webcast player.

You can also create backlinks to your company’s LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and other social media sites on the webcast player user interface.

Sponsor Logos

If you have webcast sponsors who are interested in getting maximum impressions, include their logos on your webcast player. The player will maximize their exposure more than any other component of your webcast.

Some webcast platforms allow you to add multiple sponsor logos to your event and set them to rotate at specified time intervals.

The Player Footer

Don’t forget to add your company’s disclaimer, privacy policy, copyright information, or other required text into the footer of your player page.

A Responsive Player

Lastly, in addition to customizing your webcast player with branding and other elements for maximum awareness and exposure, make sure it works across all mobile and non-mobile devices. Mobile webcast viewing is on the rise, so it is vital for you to provide an excellent experience – no matter what device is used to view your webcast.


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