Use Polls to Glean Insights from Your Audience

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Webcasting software includes several features you can use to boost audience engagement and enhance the value of your presentation. Polls are high on the list.

Polls not only help get your audience involved, but they’re also an effective way to gather insights that can add value to all your marketing efforts. Here are some of the ways you can benefit from using polls in your webcasts and webinars.

Gain Fodder for Additional Content

Think of poll answers as the voice of your customer. Use what they tell you as a springboard to create blogs, white papers, webinars, articles, and other externally facing content.

Gauge Audience Attention

Polls can help you determine how well your audience is absorbing the presentation material. Include a poll at two or three logical stopping points in your presentation. Ask a question about a key conclusion you made or something that was depicted in an infographic, for instance.

Gather Feedback about a Product or Service

If you’re conducting a product demo or showing how a piece of software works, for example, poll your audience about its appeal and effectiveness. Would they use the product? Is the software easy to use? Is the price point right?

Learn More about Your Audience

Polls are an excellent way to find out what’s top of mind for your target customers. What’s keeping them up at night? What problems are they trying to solve at work? What are their major challenges?

Fine Tune Future Online Events

How effective was your presentation? What about the speaker? Did your event meet audience expectations? Did attendees get the most out of the Q&A session? Don’t wonder about these things. Ask your audience through a quick poll at the end of your event.

Share Poll Results

Shortly after a poll ends, share the results with your audience. Don’t just read the results verbatim; participants can see what’s on the screen. Rather, provide a bit of commentary. Spotlight a surprising result or validate the poll findings with research.

Lastly, for all of your polls, keep the questions focused and uncomplicated so your audience doesn’t have to think too much. The answer choices should be short as well.

A poll is an effective tool that’s easy to generate with your webcasting software. Use polls to glean insights and learn about the people who matter most: your audience.

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