Video Changes the Game for Media and Entertainment Companies

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In the media and entertainment industry, video content is king. Consumers demand to get their movies, music, TV programs, news, sports, and other media and entertainment content whenever they want it, from whatever device they choose.

To compete, speed to market is critical, as is brand promotion and service differentiation. Additionally, streaming video provides monetization opportunities, such as charging pay-per-view or subscription fees.

Media and entertainment companies are also using video to scale processes behind the scenes cost effectively. It allows them to hold casting calls, improve collaboration, and promote their productions in more locations.

The Video Casting Call

Casting a production, even a relatively small one, can be time consuming and costly if travel is involved. The perfect actor for a part isn’t always in the backyard. Video casting calls enable a company to take its search for the perfect actor global-wide with very little or no travel costs.

The casting call is conducted much the same way corporations bring long-distance candidates and recruiters together for job interviews. A live, synchronous interview is conducted with the actor and staff from the entertainment company. The interview is recorded and streamed for playback. It’s easily accessible and can be shared among all the required parties conveniently.

Bring the Entire Crew Together

Many people contribute to a film, TV show, online media, or any other production. Their input and collaboration are essential. A regular video meeting can dramatically improve productivity, accelerate decision-making, and help keep the production on budget and on schedule. What’s more, the crew can participate from wherever they are, increasing the likelihood that they’ll show up.

Put the Big Talent Everywhere

One of the best ways to promote a production is to get the star or stars in as many locations as possible. Video is the next best thing to being there. They won’t lose time and energy traveling place to place. Instead, can be in multiple locations at once – many more than would be possible otherwise.

Streaming video is a game-changer for the media and entertainment industry. Video is also an effective internal communication, collaboration, and promotion tool for media and entertainment companies as well.

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