Video Helps Law Firms Build Client Trust and Stay Competitive

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Video webcasting is an efficient and powerful communications tool for law firms of all stripes. Increasingly, attorneys use video to help them communicate with clients, train and recruit staff, and promote and share their expertise.

Client Communications

Video gives a firm a face and a personality for clients to connect with. Video helps firms build trust with their clientele. While attorneys make a human connection, interactive features of webcasts such as Q&A and live chats give clients the opportunity to ask questions and engage directly with their attorney.

What’s more, webcasting can significantly reduce the time and money attorneys spend on traveling to meet with clients and colleagues in person, which is often one of a firm’s biggest expenses. It’s especially impractical for firms with a geographically dispersed clientele to meet in person every time an attorney needs to update a client.

Training and Recruitment

Staying on top of case law, precedents, regulations, and the myriad nuances inherent to the legal industry feeds a firm’s competitive edge, as does fulfilling state continuing education requirements when applicable. Video is an ideal and cost-efficient way to keep busy attorneys and legal support personnel up to speed and properly certified. They can consume the content at their own pace.

Webcasts also offer law firms a branded recruitment tool, giving partners and attorneys an intimate platform to inform recruits about their firm’s philosophy, differentiation, client base, and company culture. Firms can reach a large geographic pool of candidates without incurring high costs.

Marketing and Promotion

As a marketing tool, webcasting is an effective way for law firms to promote their services and showcase their expertise to clients and prospective clients. Attorneys can build their reputation and establish thought leadership by hosting webinars on specialized legal topics or explaining complex legal issues in easy-to-understand terms for their clients.

Video also helps attorneys share their expertise firm-wide, building an archive of specialized knowledge and insights available to colleagues and new-hires on-demand.

With video webcasting, attorneys can spend less time on costly travel and more time nurturing relationships with their clients while scaling their training, recruitment and marketing efforts.

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