Video Increases Citizen Engagement

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Transparency and accountability—two words that are used often in the corporate world. Customers, investors, partners and everyone else expects businesses to be transparent and accountable. These expectations loom particularly large within public-sector organizations.

Local governments, hospital boards, and schools regularly meet to discuss their services, community issues, financial matters, and future plans, keeping the public and their constituents informed and giving them a platform to have their voices heard.

Enhance Their Online Experience

Citizens always have the option of attending local council meetings and hearings in person. But in the digital era, people consume information differently. The way they engage with businesses is changing. As millennials and subsequent natives of the Internet become more involved with government and their communities, they’ll increasingly look for, and expect, live streaming and video alternatives to attending in person.

Live streaming enables people to tune into a meeting from wherever they’re located, using any mobile device.

An online library of archived meetings has several advantages for both organizations and viewers. On-demand videos can be indexed with the agenda and relevant information from the meeting, which makes it easy for people to find and watch only the specific information about a topic or motion. Many of them probably aren’t interested in going through the entire meeting footage.

You also have the opportunity to include supporting documentation with your archived videos, such as a council member’s PowerPoint presentation or reference material about an issue that was raised in the live meeting.

This content not only helps keep citizens better informed but also can alleviate some of the burden on public-facing staff members. Every resource a citizen can find on his or her own is one less piece of information that must be tracked down internally.

Video broadcasts provide government agencies with a way to educate the public on many societal issues related to health, education, and family—in a cost-effective way that people can readily access whenever they choose.

The more user-targeted functionality you include with your videos, and the easier they are to find and access online, the more likely your constituents will be to consult them. If you enhance their online and viewing experience, your citizen engagement will increase.

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