Video Tops the List of Internal Communication Trends

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As more and more technology-savvy Millennials move into management positions and Generation Z enters the workforce, big shifts in office dynamics and communications will continue throughout the next five or more years.

These younger generations are strong proponents of workforce transparency, mobility, social media, and video. When it comes to internal communications, companies can expect to see increasing adoption of internal communications tools such as video, chat, instant messaging, and collaboration technology. Eventually, not too far down the road, these tools will displace traditional email as the primary mode of internal communication.

In 2018, video will continue to be the leading content trend, making it a significant factor in internal communication strategies. As mobility and the number of remote workers swells, video satisfies the need for personal, scalable, cost-efficient communication.

Personal and Business Video Boundaries Blurring

Video occupies a significant space in people’s lives outside the workplace, especially among mobile-first Millennials and the younger Generation Z. The ease and timeliness of posting and commenting on YouTube videos has infiltrated the workplace. In 2018, internal communications strategies should include a channel for sharing and commenting on video, which will go a long way toward strengthening employee connections and facilitating more engaging internal messages.

The most effective, thought-provoking video messages deliver authenticity, which is both powerful and persuasive. Using internal influencers to impart corporate messages and share workplace stories and experiences firsthand is one of the most effective ways to make a cost-efficient impact while promoting company culture and key values.

Why Video Is Ideal for Internal Communications

Video is effective for many reasons. Chief among them:

* Talking and showing will always trump reading. Video is simply so much easier to digest. People can get their messages out in less time and expand their reach exponentially through video.
* Video is engaging. Video inserts personality into communications. It appeals to people’s visual proclivities and their much greater ability to retain information communicated in graphic form versus print. This ability is one of the primary reasons video ranks among the most effective ways to train employees and share knowledge across the company.
* Video is simple and safe. It’s no longer a daunting tool. A self-service webcasting platform makes it even easier for you to produce internal communications such as training, town halls, skip-level meetings, crisis communication, benefits and other human resources education, safety and compliance training, and much more. Videos are stored instantly and securely, with usage data and other analytics served up simultaneously.

With tech-savvy generations assuming leadership roles throughout corporate America, and tens of billions of people comfortably sharing and consuming video on their smartphones, tablets, and PCs outside of work, it’s no surprise that video will continue to dominate as the number one internal communications trend.


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