Webcasting Dos and Don’ts Your Customers Will Love

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When hosting a webcast, you can support your customers above and beyond your content. Webcasting isn’t just about presenting beneficial information. It is about how you personalize the experience before, during and after the event. You can exceed your customer’s expectations by knowing a few dos and don’ts for webcasts.

Do Optimize your Webcasts for Mobile

Many webcast participants are on the go, and they prefer to leave their laptops at home. By choosing to optimize your webcasts for mobile devices, you give your customers more convenient access to participate. Customers will enjoy the flexibly of being able to join your webcast on their mobile phone or tablet.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up

It is not uncommon for webcasters to terminate communication with participants and registrants after the webcast has taken place. Wouldn’t it be great if your customer received personalized attention after the webcast? Send an email to participants and thank them for attending. You can also reach out to registrants who did not attend and invite them to an upcoming webcast. Targeted follow-up strategies will make your customers feel important, so they’ll be more apt to continue their relationship with your business.

Do Make It Easy for Customers to Spread the Word

Did you put on an amazing webcast? Do customers want to invite colleagues to attend your next one? In either scenario, your participants may want the chance to share your webcast with others.

Make it possible for them to do so via social media. Incorporate links on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook pages. This gives your customers convenient access to sharing your business information with their peers on a variety of social platforms.

Don’t Look Unprepared

Sometimes a webcast can fall short when the host fails to effectively execute technology. Your presenter should be comfortable with the webcast software and be prepared for any technical issues that may arise. Your webcasting partner should offer training solutions to ensure that your teams are ready to present to your customers. When presenters professionally execute a webcast, it ensures that your customers view your brand in a positive light and embrace the content.

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