TalkPoint is a leading communication provider to FortuneTM 500 companies globally. Our award-winning webcasting platform has been utilized for the dissemination of company-wide information to both internal and external audiences for over two decades. TalkPoint helps clients of all shapes and sizes navigate the ever-changing world of webcast technology.

TalkPoint has the most robust, scalable, interactive webcasting platform in the industry. It is completely browser-based, allowing users to view and manage webcasts without any downloads, plug-ins, or apps. TalkPoint’s fully-automated webcasting platform allows you to use your existing video conferencing unit (VCU), webcam, encoder, studio or telephone to deliver content.

Device Compatibility

TalkPoint webcasts are built on our cutting edge, cloud-based platform. Every webcast is accessible via a browser URL, which enables us to support nearly any device on the market. TalkPoint webcasts are accessible from desktops, laptops, PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. We support more devices and platforms than anyone in webcasting.

Registration and Reporting Tools

TalkPoint features customized registration and reporting for all events. When setting up your event, you can create custom questions or pick from a list of standard questions that we use. In addition, you can decide which are optional versus required and the order in which they appear.

Our reporting tool allows you to pick and choose which data to include in your reports.  We track all registration data and in-event activity.  This includes session information such as responses to polls, surveys, Q&A, testing and certification, time viewed and even geographic location, just to name a few.    Run your report with just one click and download to Excel or share via email with a second click.

Social Media Integration

TalkPoint’s Social Media Share feature makes it simple for your viewers to recommend your webcast to their social media contacts before, during and after they have participated. Additionally, the Social Media Connect feature allows you to incorporate your company’s profile links and Twitter feeds directly into your webcast. Create valuable backlinks to your company’s LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, Twitter feed, blog or other social media site on your registration page, as well as on your webcast player.

Marketing and Lead Generation Tools

The TalkPoint system is built to accommodate the marketing professional. Customized and automated email confirmations, meeting reminders and follow-ups coupled with the ability to use HTML or text make outreach easy. In addition, unique URL tracking will allow you to measure the effectiveness of a variety of invitation sources. Generating better leads and supplying your sponsors with more information will help raise your ROI and increase your bottom line.

CRM and Marketing Database Integration

TalkPoint allows you to connect to virtually any CRM platform, such as SalesForce, Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot or Pardot. This allows you to link both your registration actions and reporting. A webcast registration page can be hosted on your site via your CRM platform or even if you custom built your own form. Data and analytics about your webcast audience can also be sent your CRM to create or update leads and contacts.

Cloud-Based Video Switching

TalkPoint offers multipoint video rooms to easily connect presenters from multiple locations using just a webcam, video conferencing room system (SIP/H.323), Skype for Business or even a telephone. While utilizing this feature, the audience can be shown individual speakers, voice activated switching between speakers or view all the speakers at once for concurrent viewing during introductions and Q&A segments.

Video Overlays and Live Screen Sharing

Inserting a pre-recorded video or live screen share into your event is a great way to guarantee a clear, concise and productive message is delivered, whether you are training your staff, launching a new product / software package or trying to close a sale. Having a recorded video or live screen share at your fingertips enhances your presentation and ensures that you have a complete and informative presentation.

Testing and Certification

TalkPoint offers online testing and certification that is launched directly from the conclusion of the webcast. After viewers complete the test they will receive a PDF certification if they pass, including their name and the title of the webcast. Administrators receive thorough reporting on who passed and failed and their answers to every question.

Start creating scalable, interactive webcasts for your business today. It’s easy with TalkPoint.

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