Webcasts: Post-Event Best Practices

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Your online event is over. You feel good about your presentation, attendee interaction was high, and the event went off without a technical hitch. You and your team deserve credit for a job well done.

Now what? Well, your post-event work has just begun.

Following are best practices to help ensure you make the most of the event content, keep the ball rolling on qualifying leads and outreach to prospects, and analyze data to improve future events and content.

Follow Up Promptly

Within 24 hours after your event, send follow-up emails to attendees. Thank them for attending and personalize the email as much as possible using data collected during the event. For attendees who participated in the Q&A, ask if the answer met their needs. Provide additional insight on a challenge or issue that sparked high attendee interaction. Send specific information to attendees who requested it.

Also include a link to the recorded event and any collateral or other information, such as a slide presentation or speaker handouts, you promised to send attendees and registrants.

Send a separate email to registrants who didn’t attend the event. Provide a link to the recorded session and any relevant collateral and contact information.

Repurpose the Recorded Event

Your event recording is prime content. Use it for maximum ROI. Make it available on demand and promote it on your website and in newsletters, blogs, and other external or internal collateral. Tell your sales team about it.

Promote on-demand access to your event on social media, too. Encourage people who take a look to tweet or post comments about it.

You’ll probably continue to get traffic to the old registration page. Redirect this traffic to the new page with the on-demand recording. Include the presentation slides and links to related resources on this page. And don’t forget to monitor comments and questions from your on-demand viewers.

Analyze Event Metrics

Webcasting software can yield a wealth of data. Audience participation and engagement are two key metrics. Among the immediate data you can use to gauge the success of your event:

  • Number of registrants
  • Number of attendees
  • Number of questions
  • Number of comments, likes, and shares on social media
  • Drop-off rate during the event

Take a good look at attendance data. Where during the event does attendance drop? Where does it spike? Likewise, review Q&A and polls for any insight into how the event was received, areas that worked especially well for attendees, the relevance of the topics presented, and attendees’ understanding of the information.

When your webinar or webcast is over, it’s your trigger to follow up with your audience, understand their experience, and identify ways you can improve future sessions and hone your content.

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