Webcasts: Your Extended Press Conference

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Have you ever considered using your webcast as a tool to create a press conference event? If you have yet to take the plunge, there are some reasons for looking into this effective webcasting strategy.

Quality is King

The business world is highly competitive, so your business always needs new ways to attract the attention of your target market. Using a webcast to host a press conference event is a way to show off the tech-savvy nature of your business. With the right service provider, you can host high-quality webcast-based press conferences that look like they were run straight out of a newsroom. If need be, you can even hire specialized broadcasting teams to ensure your webcast is professionally executed. With this level of quality in your back pocket, your press conference will help you stand apart from your competitors.

Create Widespread Buzz

When a webcasting event is successfully promoted, people get excited. Your business gets revved up at the thought of connecting with a huge audience and your attendees are filled with anticipation of what they will learn during the event. By using a webcast as a platform to host your press conference, you are naturally adding fuel to the fire.

A webcast event not only diversifies the ways your audience can join in on your press conference, but it is also a convenient way to advertise to potential attendees. In addition to word of mouth, you can add your registration link to emails, on your social media accounts, on your company website – and more. Get creative! The more people you attract, the more likely it is that registered attendees will grow as a direct response.

Make Your Mark and Add it Your Archives

After hosting a webcast event, it is not the end of communication with your audience. In fact, press conference information is usually something you want to show off or add to your business’s news archives. Webcasts save you time and effort when you want to continue to spread the message after the press conference ends.

You can easily make your press conference webcast an on-demand event that customers can later access. You can also partner with your video editing team to use the webcast in a promotional video or even make a highlight video that you can use later. Highlight videos are great for attracting registrants to your next webcast. You can also archive the event on your website or customer portal areas.

Using webcasts as a press conference tool can be a game changer for your business. Consider these benefits when planning your next webcast or press conference.

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