Your Webinar Console Is Prime Branding Real Estate

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When you produce a webinar, you’re also promoting your corporate brand. There are several opportunities for you to promote your brand through good, cohesive design:

  • On your webinar registration landing page
  • In promotional and follow-up emails
  • In the webinar presentation slides
  • In related webinar collateral and downloads
  • On the webinar console

You need to create fluidity and consistency throughout all your webinar content and communications. You need to provide attendees visual confirmation that the webinar they’re registering for is the same event they saw in an online or email promo. You want them to know they’re in the right place. Consistent corporate branding is the ideal way to accomplish this.

Give ’Em Something to Stare At

The webinar console is your best canvas for promoting your corporate brand and topline messaging. The average webinar viewing time is 55 minutes, which means attendees will be staring at your webinar console for nearly an hour. You need to make the most of this prime branding real estate.

You should be able to fully customize the webinar console with your corporate logo, colors, images, and tagline. Promote your brand through good design. Using colors, imagery, icons, and logos from your corporate assets library ensures that webinar attendees have a brand experience consistent with your website and other company media.

One of the easiest and most common ways companies brand the webinar console is by placing their logo prominently in the left corner of the console against a solid background color. This design is frequently accompanied by the webcast title or company tagline placed to the right of the logo.

As an alternative to the solid background, webcasting software usually allows you to upload a custom background image or choose from images included with the software.

Integrating corporate branding elements into the console helps viewers recognize your brand and associate your brand with the content. It not only adds value to your webinar, but also enhances the user’s overall experience and promotes brand loyalty.

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