Where Should You Publish Your Recorded Webcasts?

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Once your live webcast is over, you can still increase the amount of views and engagement it receives by publishing it online. But _where_ should you post your recorded webcasts so that others can view it on demand? Continue reading to find out.

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Your Website

Hosting webcasts on your own website will not only allow you to showcase thought leadership in your industry, it will drive more traffic to your website. According to LiveStream, <u>88 percent</u> of visitors stay longer on a website that has prominent video displayed. And if you host a lot of webcasts (4-10 or more in a month), you should also consider publishing them in a video library that is easily accessible, where visitors can create user accounts to access recordings and potentially pay a small fee in order to access them.

External Websites

Think about publishing your webcasts on external websites for industry associations, external and affiliate partners, and groups with which you or your organization already collaborate often. For instance, if you work for a marketing agency and hosted a recent webcast about marketing trends, then you should contact marketing associations to see if they’ll be interested in letting you post your recorded webcast on their website. And if you sell computer hardware, you might want to ask software partners you work with if you can publish your recent product demo webcasts on their website for a certain length of time.

Internal Communications Systems

If you host webcasts for training sessions or webcasts that contain information your employees will need to access later, publish these webcasts in your cloud-based LMS (learning management system) or in internal communications and project management tools. You can also publish recordings of webcasts with product demonstrations, marketing campaigns, and industry conferences in your internal systems for your employees and project teams to access too, so they can learn and stay informed.

Social Media Platforms

Having a YouTube account for your organization is a smart and cost-effective way to publish your recorded webcasts, as you’ll have access to over one billion users on their on-demand video platform – users who can easily share your published video content with others. You can also easily publish and share your webcasts on Facebook and LinkedIn. Just keep in mind that the best webcasts to share on social media are only around 15-30 minutes or shorter. So, webcasts with brief product demos, interviews, and tips are probably best to publish on social media, while longer recordings are not.


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