Why Webcasting Belongs in Your B2B Lead-Generation Toolkit

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The primary aim of B2B content marketing and lead-generation is to get prospects and customers what they need, when they need it. Wherever they are in their buying journey, you want to be there with them to add value.

Webcasting is a medium that can add value in every stage of the purchasing cycle, from awareness to post-purchase service and support. Let’s take a look.

Awareness. In the awareness stage, prospects are just beginning to acknowledge the problem they want to solve. They’ll probably be inundated, perhaps overwhelmed, with mountains of information in various formats. A video can be a welcome alternative to white papers, data sheets, e-guides, and the like.

Your video webcast should be informative, not salesy. You’re introducing your brand, after all. Let industry and thought leaders motivate prospects in the awareness stage through topical presentations and expertise.

Interest. In the interest stage, prospects are ready to start looking for a specific solution to their problem. Educational content and use cases are popular in the interest stage. Consider video webcasts that feature subject matter experts answering questions about your product or service, or a panel of industry analysts.

Consideration. In the consideration stage, prospects want to whittle down their solution choices to the best one. Give them content that demonstrates how your product or service will solve their problem. Keep the focus benefit- and outcome-oriented, letting prospects have the opportunity to experience the value you can offer.

Video customer testimonials, case studies, and product demos are great content options you can create for this stage.

Purchase. Yay! The prospect has selected your product or service. It’s time to help them see that they made the right decision. Deliver content that’s tailored for their situation. Create best practice videos to help set them up for success. Customer testimonials and video case studies can go a long way in this stage as well.

Retention/Loyalty/Growth. After the purchase, you can never simply rest on your laurels. You need to do everything you can to inspire the buyer to continue to choose your brand. Your marketing efforts should emphasize the success you’ve helped the customer achieve to date and how you can help them continue to grow their business.

Customer-only product/solution roadshows, Q&A panels, and strategy workshops are only a few of the webcasts that can make a positive impact on customers in the retention stage.

By now it should be clear that webcasting is a flexible and impactful B2B marketing and lead-generation tool, suitable in every stage of the buyer’s journey.


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